Halcyon Days

16 Jul

During the halcyon days of summer, I am the type of homeschooling mom who wavers between enjoying less structure and longing for the routine of the school year.  But I know well enough now, six years into our homeschooling adventure, to enjoy the unique pace of summer and the time to accomplish projects that are put on the back burner the rest of the year.

This summer I have found time to put in some raised beds in our backyard garden, clean out a creepy lean-to shed, organize closets and read for enjoyment.  By no means have I completed my summer to-do list, but I am already looking forward to the new school year.  I have some of the supplies, most of the curriculum, and have my next year’s school plan mapped out.

I started this blog to help me maintain my momentum, catalog our milestones this coming year, and hopefully encourage other homeschool parents in their journeys. I certainly don’t have all the answers and every semester is a progression on the learning curve of the homeschooling commitment, but I know that I have received the most affirmation and encouragement through hearing other people’s stories, ideas, challenges, and victories.  So come along with me this school year and let’s share this journey together.


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