Annual Planning Session

20 Aug

So yesterday I was working on putting together my Master Planner and the kids’ Student Planners.  I loaded up my backpack, grabbed my Mac and headed to the Teachers’ Lounge (aka Starbucks).  There I  met with disappointment: my all-time favorite drink, the Dark Cherry Mocha, was no longer available.   So I had to substitute it with the Raspberry Mocha, which I discovered I like alot, but not quite as much as the cherry-cordial-in-a-cup that had been my go-to drink for the past six months.

Anyway, I found a table (near an outlet—essential for long planning sessions!) and started working on my planner for the year.  While looking for downloadable forms, I came across the website…how can I be a veteran homeschooler and never have visited, let alone taken advantage of this treasure trove of sites?  Am I the only clueless one out there?  If you haven’t visited her site before, run, don’t walk, there now!  She makes available so many different forms, checklists, ideas, pieces of advice…all for free!  Needless to say, I had a good day at Starbucks and, even without my beloved Dark Cherry Mocha!


One Response to “Annual Planning Session”

  1. Marcia Morales August 22, 2010 at 12:17 PM #

    Hey Amy, We are in Dalton, GA now where Nate’s folks and sister Titi and hubby Bob live as well as their daughter Chanmony who is homeschooling. She is in 4th grade. I am going to be teaching her how to sew on a machine as well as do other crafts on Wed or whatever day they need. She does her regular school work thru the computer at a Christian Home School site. She loves it. I had homeschooled our boys off and on all thru their lives and Andrew and Joey most of their school years as we were in various parts of the world and country doing missionary work. So I have copied your site to help me help them with Chanmony’s schooling.

    Your old Aunt – Marcia

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