Last Summer Roadtrip: The Four States

22 Aug

Yesterday we took our kids on our last summer roadtrip, this one a spur of the moment thing.  Since we live in the southwest corner of Missouri, also known as part of the Four States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas), we decided to eat in four states in one day.  We started off, of course, in Missouri eating breakfast.  We headed south and stopped briefly in Neosho, MO.

Neosho, MO

We continued south into Arkansas where our GPS took us on quite an adventure on some back country roads.  My husband swore he heard dueling banjos in the distance!  Despite the rough roads, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and saw several deer.  We ate our snack in the car since this part of our journey took much longer than expected.  We all cheered when we hit paved roads again.


We then headed west.  Once we made it into Oklahoma, we stopped for lunch in Grove.


After lunch, we turned north and stopped in Baxter Springs, Kansas at the Cafe on the Route for a sugar frenzy dessert.

Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (The Food Network) featured this small diner on his show a couple of years ago.

It sits on the corner of Main Street (Route 66) in Baxter Springs.

Dessert at Cafe on the Route

We sampled their desserts: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, Peach Meringue Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, and Deep Fried Cheesecake.  The cobbler and cheesecake were our favorites!  We plan to come back sometime and try some of their “real” food.

We got back home in time to spend the afternoon in the pool.  All in all we had a good day!


One Response to “Last Summer Roadtrip: The Four States”

  1. cheriberi August 24, 2010 at 1:00 PM #

    We’re taking our last summer road trip this weekend. While I’m excited, I’m also relieved! It’s been a busy summer 🙂 Saw you on the homeschool blog hop – blessings as you start your new year; we won’t start for a couple more weeks.

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