So it’s now August…

3 Aug

It seems to me that August ought to be heralded as the New Year, because when you have school-aged children, it sure feels like it! I got off track with the blog during the holidays last year, but I am determined to pick it up again as we begin this new school year.
We are trying a few new things this year:
Alpha is utilizing a local co-op for his science (Physics) and math (Pre-Calc) as I did not take either in high school or college and am a little leery of tackling both of those without some outside help. He may also take a class in the spring at a community college if all works out well.
Bravo is continuing on in pretty much the same way as last year.
Charlie, however, asked if she could go to a local Christian school this year and had several good reasons why she would like to try it. We told her that certain doors would have to open for her to be able to do that, and they all have so she will be “going to school” this year. (Which also has an impact on the whole family as we will now be tied to an outside schedule/calendar…more on that in another post.)
Delta is starting fourth grade and may be doing more on the computer as he really enjoys that medium for school work.
Echo is quite proud to be a pre-schooler (he will turn four this month) so I need to start putting together some activities for him. I am hoping to utilize some montessori methods with him this year.

For some reason this year, I am needing to find extra inspiration. Usually I am raring to go by now, but I feel drained already. Perhaps it was the extraordinarily weird summer we have had here in Joplin. While our family was not directly affected by the tornado, our whole town has gone through some sort of collective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
I hope to get some free time to peruse some other homeschooling blogs over the next week or two to find some fresh ideas and garner some sort of inspiration. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


2 Responses to “So it’s now August…”

  1. Krista August 3, 2011 at 3:43 PM #

    Goodness girlfriend….I’m with ya concerning that last paragraph. This past weekend, I helped my seester go through her homeschooling stuff and get ready for this coming school year. I really wanted to feel energized and ready to go, but alas I am not:(.

    Maybe if I went and sat on the floor at Books-a-million in the gardening section, I would be more inspired….


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