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Homeschooling Wherever

28 Sep

Last week we traveled to Ohio for a wedding.  We enjoyed seeing family and friends and sharing in our niece’s special day.  One of the advantages of the homeschooling life is the flexibility it affords in our schedule.  While the kids had to “miss” school on Tuesday because we were driving, they were able to do a significant amount of their school work during the downtimes on our trip.

One unexpected educational experience on our trip came when we were visiting our friends, Chris and Kathy, in Cincinnati. Kathy is the founder and director of research for “EchoBats, Inc.” and puts on a great program for kids and adults about the world of bats.  After lunch, she brought out her three bats and a special electronic device that allowed us to hear the sounds the bats were making by converting the high range bat noises into lower range human sounds.  Kathy even let us “pet” the bats.  I was surprised with how furry their bodies felt and the leathery feel of the wings.  I have to admit, I thought they were pretty cute.

While you may be able to schedule schooling”, you just never know when and where true education will pop up!  Thanks Kathy!