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First Day

23 Aug

This morning was our first official day of the new school year.  Since we have been keeping late hours over the summer, I decided to gradually work our way back to early mornings, so I let them sleep until 8:00 (our goal is 7:00 for the kids, 6:00 or 6:30 for mom).  We ate breakfast of crepes,

did morning chores, and headed to the school room.  We spent the first hour in our “Monday Morning Meeting,” going over schedules, courses, chores, etc.  We passed out everyone’s books and got desks organized.  Then several started on their Quote Journals.

We started Quote Journaling last year.  Here are the guidelines:

  • write at least one quote a day
  • the quote can be from a book of quotations, the Bible, a song, a poem, a speech, or something a friend or family member said
  • use neat handwriting

Since we were having a “soft start” today, they only had to tackle two subjects besides their Quote Journals and Bible.

I found that we are missing a couple of required books (have no idea how I overlooked that) and still need to sit down with some and work our their personal weekly schedule.   Now, Alpha has gone to band practice, and the other kids are in the pool.  All in all, a good first day.